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July 29, 2005


Amy Alkon

I think my dog would be very attracted to his smoldering, puppyish good looks.

Dan Brody

Let me know your thoughts:
I am building a sports brand and getting it out there using anything I can.
Marketing is hard to do these Days.
This Average guy (Dan Brody of BRODY GOLF) got a Pro Golf Academy to teach him how to play for FREE and help get great Media Coverage for a cool New Brand! How good will he get?
Check out his Golf Blog: WWW.BRODYGOLF.COM for day to day coverage.

Dan Brody

Amy Alkon

My thoughts? I think somebody should put a leash around Bill Gates neck and give him to Steve Jobs for a pet.

Jackie Danicki

My thoughts are, Dan Brody, that you should stop spamming peoples' comments boxes. Yeesh.

Amy Alkon

Speaking of kittenish photos, there's one of Cheney who looks on at King Abdullah in today's New York Times that reminds me of the way 15-year-old girls look at their boyfriends:

PS I'm addicted to your blog now. Post something new already!

--One of your demanding fans

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