Here's the idea

  • Take a picture of your ass in the questionable pants and send it to:

    Please don't tell me who you are, this is anonymous. Comments will be moderated to weed out cretins and letches. Now for the fine print: no porn, no g-strings. Full-coverage pants only, please (or trousers if you're a Brit). Photos under 400 x 300 mp might not make it.


  • Because a) you can't see your own ass, and b) no one you know is going to tell you the truth.



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September 24, 2006



bah essa bunda eu conheço, mas nessa fotos ficou menor do que ela já é!!!! Mas ficou pelo menos bem engraçada!!

Beijos na bunda e até segunda


OWW!!!! Your ass look terrible in these pants....very ugly...sorry ...but I can see it. My grandmother's ass is more beautiful than your.

Fanny Alexander

Is that FELT? I can't comment on felt pants.


I just think that those pants are waaaaayyyyy too tight...


Not really fat, but they aren't flattering at all.


not really fat, but they don't look good at all.


Not fat, but they don't do a lot for your shape either.


dude, lose the fucking yoga stretchies, your ass looks GAY in those pants!


where's the ass, dude? :)


No one should ever wear these pants...especially you :(


okay so it's now 2008. and the last picture is from 2006!!!!?!??!? COME ON PEOPLE!!!! people need to know how their asses look in pants and i'm pretty pissed that no new pics are ever put up. Is anyone out there taking care of the upkeep of this site? gosh...i'll upload them if u dont want to.

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