Here's the idea

  • Take a picture of your ass in the questionable pants and send it to:

    Please don't tell me who you are, this is anonymous. Comments will be moderated to weed out cretins and letches. Now for the fine print: no porn, no g-strings. Full-coverage pants only, please (or trousers if you're a Brit). Photos under 400 x 300 mp might not make it.


  • Because a) you can't see your own ass, and b) no one you know is going to tell you the truth.



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February 27, 2006


Joe Hwy 58

Looks great. Not too fat . . . not too skinny . . . just right.


That is the perfect N.C. booty,you can pick up a toothpick off of a block of ice with that one.

Slick willy

Is that a wedge (^)


i like your bottom. i'll pass on your pants.

j brooks

katie it is good to know that mans dream does come true with that perfect ass


The pants are gettin kinda bunchy up under those buns.


that ass looks verklempt


yeah ur butt looks fat in those pants!! sorry :(

deez nutz

It looks like you had an accident in your pants. I would burn that picture. Next time don't tighten your ass cheeks, it looks like it's eating the seam. Try bending over to make it look like you might have curves.

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