Here's the idea

  • Take a picture of your ass in the questionable pants and send it to:

    Please don't tell me who you are, this is anonymous. Comments will be moderated to weed out cretins and letches. Now for the fine print: no porn, no g-strings. Full-coverage pants only, please (or trousers if you're a Brit). Photos under 400 x 300 mp might not make it.


  • Because a) you can't see your own ass, and b) no one you know is going to tell you the truth.



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January 23, 2006



Presented with attitude, this ass, due to the fisheye effect, appears fat. Oh, but it isn't. How often, in the course of your day, are you confronted with such sassy ass? Not often enough, I'd warrant.

NB: If we had access to NSA computers we could probably enhance the image of that Levi's tag and tell you the exact circumfrence of this ass. I'm guessing it's a 32.


regardless of whether they make you look fat (not so much)

they do make you look old and frumpy- the fit is terrible, and theey are saggy in the wrong spots- and to high in others- Just bad all round


Black jeans does actually not look good on anyone, fat or not. They only look cheap and anti-fit (but not in the "cool" Levi's 501 anno 2005-kinda way. To answer the question: Yes, it makes your ass look kinda fat.


This ass is totally, all-round, wrong. I think it's the jeans causing it. They are truly awful.

bad pants

horrible pants, pockets should stay with the ass and not sag. these pants are icky


You have a very wrinkly ass.

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