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March 12, 2006


bruce boston

Hi Hillary!

I couldn't agree more. Much like other local events like Barcamp, this was definitely an event that had something going for it. I also agree that the format was extremely useful and led to great discussions about best practices while also generating lists of "what not to do's".

Hope to see ya at the next one!

-bruce boston

Will UwakeUp

It's all a political tool the the Dems are using against the Republicans.
Both parties are the same. They both S U C K and only care about themselves , their contributors and lobbyists. There is NO ! Yes READ what I said . NO proof of Global warming by any credible scientists or science. If you're mumbling something right now, you know NOTHING , and you'd buy the Brooklyn Bridge .
The same people babbling this mantra, are helping corporations to navigate around all of these green mandates and know they have a god given right to tell everyone else what to do without it applying to them .
Screw the environment and screw all of you that dare to preach this excrement .
The environment will self regulate and has always self regulated itself longer than we've been on earth, and will when we're long gone.

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